Data Science for DataBay: MD Water Quality at a Glance

Data Bay Data Browser, Slides, and Knowledge Base:

Code: Wikipedia and Dr. Ben Schneiderman's pioneering work on Spotfire visualizations

Inspiration: Previous work on Chesapeake Bay Program data sets.

Target Users: Open government data users that want a Data FAIRport (FIndable, Accessible, Inteoperable, and Reusable) or Data Commons and Data Science Publications in Data Browser

Key Features: Automatic geocoding, dynamically linked multiple adjacent visualizations, and advanced statistics, modeling, and visualizations without coding so data is all in-memory.

Team: We formed a team with a senior data scientist and a senior environmental scientist from members of the Federal Big Data Working Group Meetup.

Data Mining: We looked at the new data catalogue & let you know what you thought about using it.

Technology: We have built and deployed a Knowledge Base, Data FAIRport-Data Commons, and Business Intelligence Applications on the Semantic Data Web.

Future: Our work on in-depth data science for the Chesapeake Bay Program and EPA EnviroAltas continues.

Built with

  • mindtouch-and-spotfire-are-our-github-and-they-provide-apis
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